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So true Rated De

Idiots like Justin bleiber Are keen on making BS aspersions about minor pilot issues all whilst the Board and executive responsible from Jetstar should have been sacked for their abject and complete failure with JQ Hong Kong.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of Shareholders money was wasted in a poorly researched and poorly executed utter failure.
Could have paid 5 years of pilot costs across the group with the money they Lost.
Zero accountability. Same BS excuses for bad business acumen and poor research.
Fast forward to today and you see billions of dollars spent on share buybacks and f&*$ all investment in mainline fleet renewal. But thatís ok because you cancel Shares and bonuses boom at coward street. Fools gold.
S and P are hip to their game of kick the can down the road whilst snouting the trough. Alanís response is to say they are poorly researched. 8 787s a fleet renewal it is not.
Spending no Capex on fleet renewal whilst fuel is low doesnít make you the smartest guy in the room. Of course when fuel rises heíll use that as an excuse for lack of profitability and blame the staff. Just like that simplistic fool Bleiber.
God help the poor executive that take over the basket case in ten years.
The current mob will have exited the building with hundreds of millions.
Short term thinking for short term executives and short term shareholders.
Shares and options should have a five to ten year vesting period. At least that way youíd see a smart balance of looking after shareholders AND the long term viability of the airline.
No wonder the public are disgusted that an airline CEO can make more than the CEO of any investment bank that is far larger and more profitable.
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