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TBH I suspect Buter has a point, and Iím sure that if someone had joined from certain airlines where for example rosters instability was rife then for a time BA can appear brilliant, but at some point you have to look over the rose tinted glasses:

Saying we still have a document labelled Bidline is technically true but the ďdeviceĒ is a shadow of itís former self.....it really is.
JSS....the new rostering system .. well aside from a select few has nobody has seen it function yet.
Hotels...ATM generally good, sure, but there is definitely an increasing downwards tendency in terms of location and quality as IAG screw down on the group hotel budget...
Staff travel.....Iím not sure many with families would describe it in Whickeresque terms...talking to some new joiners I gather the BA version is relatively quite limited but using it can certainly lead to some adventures.

Now most of the above, or similar would probably be standard gripes at any airline but until the last few years it was almost unheard of for people to join BA, give it a try and then return to their former outfit, or simply be mid career BA and decide to jump ship....The fact that that is now happening, even in small number, is a powerful indicator of how the airline has evolved.

If you are joining then like joining any airline make the most of what you have on day one.....Iím sure for many it is a great place to be now...
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