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Well said polepilot

The negativity towards BA astounds me on this forum. If guys who have been in for 10+ years thinks the T’s+C’s at BA are as bad as you make out on here, what do you think the LoCo’s are doing....Its certainly a race to the bottom but what we have is bloody good in comparison!

Complaining about the new bidding, yes I would prefer to keep Bidline, but did I have any say over my roster at previous? NO, and did my roster stay as what was allocated, NO, it changed every single day I checked out from previous day! I know shorthaul is not everyone’s dream fleet but in 5 years average, +\- you can bid off and spend your months playing golf in South Africa, drinking Beer/eating chicken wings on West coast, and generally seeing the world on a monthly basis! This is not to mention being treated like a professional pilot, left to make decisions in the right seat which is far from the Loco I came from!

How about this feed is used to help the guys that ACTUALLY want to join BA and therefore help them to do so, rather than moan about first world problems that quite frankly are absent at most of UK Loco/airlines today!

And if we’re going to mention money, as an SFO at previous Loco(6 years), I make a lot more at BA. Albeit some overtime, again not an option at most Loco, you roster just gets changed to cover the work!

If your not convicted by joining BA, leave the guys/girls that are, the jobs that they actually want!

Lastly, the majority of my friends that work at my previous, hate every single day the alarm goes off to go to work! The company treats them badly, they work extremely hard and they get nothing more that what’s written in the basic contact they sign. The FO’s I know are probably on a combination of around 6 different contracts.

The proof is in the pudding as you can count the pilots that leave BA on one hand, that in itself says an awful lot, when Loco’s are loosing hundreds when the market starts moving!

If your keen to apply, I recommend you do so, I never looked back...
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