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And don't people remember "pilot strikes"!!
A near neighbor ( who frequently tells me how overpaid pilots are --- based on media figures that quote the package for the QF DFO as if everybody is paid that) was recently reminding me of being on strike in that little matter in '89.
That QF was never involved in '89 is something he doesn't want to hear, "all pilots were on strike in '89" is his bottom line, that I actually worked for QF as a pilot in '89 cuts no ice.
Don't disturb him with facts, his prejudices are settled. And many people share his take on the world.
The public misconceptions about "pilots", carefully fostered by QF PR, is remarkably effective and well entrenched.
"Pilot bashing" and "doctor bashing" is always good politics over incomes, and just look at the effectiveness of the Shorten campaigns right now --- stick it to the "rich bastards". Tax the hell out of "rich bastards" and something called "business", enterprise and profit are dirty words.
Please don't be pedantic about the choice of words, just accept the message: "50% of the population is of below average intelligence".
Tootle pip!!
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