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Originally Posted by havick View Post
Pity Australia doesn’t have the ATP requirement to fly airline ops like in the USA. There goes some of your bargaining power.
The lead time for this sort of programme is at least 3-5 years. Qantas had better pull it’s finger out. The rate of projected retirements is averaging 60-100 per year in the next few years and increasing after that. If 100 senior pilots retire it requires close to 500 training slots as pilots progress up the promotion ladder. They’d better hurry up but judging by past performance the implementation gate will be missed. Together with a fleet renewal and retirement requirement the perfect storm is brewing with the Training sections being stretched for the foreseeable future. Most current Captains on the 380 and 747 have probably 5-8 years before they pull the pin.
Either way it will be great to see a new generation continue with a flying career.
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