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Originally Posted by krismiler View Post
A collection of different black tribes, many of which donít get along too well. Mixed race and Indians. Two different white groups speaking different languages, one side reliving the Boer war and unable to forgive the other for past injustices.

A huge divide between rich and poor, black and white with resentment still felt over apartheid and itís lingering effects 25 years on.

No single unifying figure to replace Nelson Mandala with broad appeal to all races. Rising poverty and unemployment, decaying infrastructure, increasing crime and corruption.

Not a pretty picture.
An extremely accurate post.

The comment about the 'unifying figure' is accurate rather than trying to put it as a 'unifying leader'. He was just an icon that had a 'unifying' effect simply because everyone took a great deep breath of relief that things hadn't gone disastrously wrong and he happened to be there waving and smiling in a floral shirt. The actual 'leading' was done behind the scenes by others with him as that 'figure'.

Those boundaries may be what Europeans see as 'natural' rather than 'artificial' boundaries, but in an African setting they are illogical. (If there is a river providing water, a tribe lives on both sides of it; using that river to create a 'border' simply splits that tribe artificially in half.) The 1910 boundary that 'joins' the Venda and the Cape Malay (I am purposefully using 1910 terminology here) into a common 'nation' is total nonsense.

'Democracy' in South Africa from 1910? I think many, many will claim that the true date is 1994. I would even contest that, as the entirely 'party list' electoral system means that not one single vote in the entire country has been cast for any particular individual; who actually gets into parliament is all entirely in the hands of the inner circles of The Party (whichever party) and there is absolutely no place for the individual. Democracy as known by most countries is still some way off in the future for South Africans.

By the way, what is 'South African' other than something that fits into the artificial boundaries of a disparate political entity created by a far off colonial power? No-one has said yet.

Not a pretty picture.
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