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Originally Posted by Check_Thrust View Post
From the Eastern EBA:

Base Pay: 78,733
DHA: 9,360 (120 x 6.50 x 12)
Overnight Allowances: 11,315 (157.15 x 6 x 12), this assumes the pilot qualifies for all meal allowances for each overnight trip.

Total: $99,408 + other allowances.

Based on the above I stand corrected.

I am probably in the minority with the following opinion but I wouldn't really include overnight allowances as part of the annual wage as I see it as an allowance to cover the additional expense of having to "dine out" versus feeding oneself at home.

Regarding FOs on by-pass pay, well yes they would be on more than $100k, but they aren't really on the FO pay scale are they? It's not like a new hire would be immediately accessing that would they?

You would be surprised. FOís on the classic have been awarded Q400 spots before being CTL. Itís the way the company wants to run atm with direct entry 400 spots being more favourable than sending classic pilots overseas to convert and causing another training movement..this will change however.

Anyhow, back to the original thread.
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