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Originally Posted by Fujiroll76 View Post
Not necessarily, a typical 120hr month with 6 overnights per roster would see 100K. Most if not all being on Q400 bypass pay atm.

*figuers based on being a 4th year FO on the 65% rule.
From the Eastern EBA:

Base Pay: 78,733
DHA: 9,360 (120 x 6.50 x 12)
Overnight Allowances: 11,315 (157.15 x 6 x 12), this assumes the pilot qualifies for all meal allowances for each overnight trip.

Total: $99,408 + other allowances.

Based on the above I stand corrected.

I am probably in the minority with the following opinion but I wouldn't really include overnight allowances as part of the annual wage as I see it as an allowance to cover the additional expense of having to "dine out" versus feeding oneself at home.

Regarding FOs on by-pass pay, well yes they would be on more than $100k, but they aren't really on the FO pay scale are they? It's not like a new hire would be immediately accessing that would they?

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