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A show of 'force' at a union meeting is not taking action. It may be a waste of time, given that there is little room for any prescribed action.

The company are dictating dance steps, the union was caught completely off guard during Christmas and New Year when the 457 Visa issue appeared in the media 28 December 2017.

Have a good read of the Fair Work Act it is very quickly evident that other than filing the matter with FWA, there is little 'organising' a group of pilots will achieve. You could ask if they have or are filing a motion with FWA.

Otherwise, enjoy the day, catch up with your friends, have your beers and tell a few stories. It may be a good day out.

You would be better advised capitalising on rhe current good state of Qantas in your EBA to make some contract gains, rather than some half baker industrial anger over something you can’t control and which are long term beneficial to the company.
Au contraire Justin, this 457, Jetconnect and Network is designed precisely to ensure that the pilots do not notice the leverage a global shortage generates and as ever attempt to control labour unit cost.

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