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Originally Posted by Private jet
... "way of doing things" that has been ingrained in African society for thousands of years.
Something can only be 'ingrained' if there is any form of maintaining any status quo. Otherwise things will vary from generation to generation depending on the prevailing circumstances. South Africans are very reluctant to consider any history more than about three-quarters of a century back as anything going further fits into that 'evil' of colonialism. Sticking to less than three-quarters of a century makes full use of the oppression years to suit the 'heroic liberation' politics. The year that SA hosted the football world cup was the year that the current geographical entity of South Africa turned 100 and they ignored that. It could have been a marvelous double celebration but it was 'colonial' so it was ignored. So without history or tradition everything is very me-myself short-term hence the high levels of crime and corruption. Trying to develop a democracy without anything 'ingrained' or any common sentiment (they have 11 official languages, for goodness sake!) is about impossible. About the only common sentiment that they have is that those that stand out in the street as looking unlike most of them 'used to oppress' them. The new guy has started off by making comments about 'land grabs' from those who look like those who used to oppress them. The younger guy who previously broke away from the old guy seems to like those noises. He will probably end up reunited with the new guy and that will assure their domination of the next election and SA will be heading to a full three-quarters of a century since there was a change of government due solely to the ballot box.

In the mean time the Chinese will be tightening their grip on a 'new colonisation' in a far, far more subtle way than some Indians tried recently. And south Africans won't realise until it's too late and their state has been fully 'captured' by the Chinese.

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