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Originally Posted by adam llewellyn View Post
Good morning,
I am traveling down from Glasgow for my stage 2 on the 27th February. I am trying to plan the best method of travel and organize times etc. I was wondering if you are allowed to take bags into the facility? This would mean I could fly down the day before and fly home the night after without needing to book a second hotel room. My other question would be the dress code? Is it expected that you wear a suit or would a shirt and trousers be enough? Again for the reason of baggage and how much I need to bring.

Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

I just sat my stage 2 on the 15th, there was a mix of us in full suits and just trousers and shirt so I think you'll be okay to just go shirt and trousers.

People also had back packs with them on the day. As long as your not bringing in a full fledged suit case you should be good.

Hope this helps!
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