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Surely the main thing which distinguishes the members of any organisation are the nature of the vows that they have to make in order to join and the seriousness with which they make and keep them. The vows one makes to join the military, to Queen and Country, are extremely serious, and are enforceable by law. The Masonic vows are imposed superstitiously under threat of something horrible happening to you should one break them. Presumably, Lodges are a bit like churches in that some take all that more seriously than others.

Some years ago the Churchwarden of my local Anglican church was a Mason. The vicar tried to persuade him in vain to give up Masonry. As far as I know he was an excellent Warden and supported the Vicar wholeheartedly but remained a Mason. When the vicar left to go to pastures new, his replacement insisted that the Warden had to make a choice, Church or Masonry. He chose the latter and left the church.
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