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Dan Brown, I rather thought that signing off as a bigot and backscratcher indicated what I felt about that general description. Maybe the irony was lost on some

But lets take another example

Membership lists of the Royal Air Force Club are not available to the general public (ie they are "secret").

I have absolutely no doubt that business deals have been carried out in those rooms at the Club set aside for meetings (by definition these deals would exclude non members)

Does that make the RAF Club a secret society whose members are intent on mutual backscratching? No of course not - but it obviously does go on on occasion. Same could be said of many Masonic lodges.

Regardless, the Catholic Church pretty clearly doesn't think the Masons are merely a dining and social club.
With regard to the Catholic Church's attitude to Freemasonry, there can be little doubt there are, or at least have been, some very sinister branches of Freemasonry in both Italy and Spain, both predominantly Catholic countries and this may well have led to the Church's attitude to Freemasonry in those countries. Upon joining, English Freemasons are advised on which Masonic lodges they may visit or associate with and which they must avoid Many to be avoided are in those countries mentioned, but nearer to home no Freemason is permitted to join or attend meetings of the Orange Order. The fact that this last refers to its members as masons has definitely led to confusion, with some people conflating the two organisations. Nothing could be further than the truth. English Freemasonry has nothing to do with the sectarian organisation known as the Orange Order.

Most of the critical remarks made on here have either been unsupported assertions or anecdotal evidence - absolutely nothing concrete. I could go on but it would get tedious. In any case I am well used to "preaching" to people whose minds are made up and don't want to be confused with facts.

The word "bigots" springs to mind!
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