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As a Catholic, and a divorcee, he has never really treated me with anything but the minimum of courtesy.
I think that says more about your uncle as a person than as a Freemason. I get really sick of putting people right when they say that Freemasons don't accept Catholics. This may be a misconception dating from when the Roman Catholic Church forbade its members from becoming Freemasons, not the other way around, and in fact although I am a bit rusty regarding the current policy, I think it is likely that the church is still not keen on members joining the craft.

In my own case I was welcomed into our lodge, as was another Catholic, an Italian, who oddly was also a (stone) mason! We also had Jews, and protestants of all types as well, The only ones who could not join were those who could not profess belief in what Gertrude the Wombat rather tiresomely insists on referring to a magic sky fairy. That's another JB cliche which has been flogged to death, along with "huggy fluffy!

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