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Map Analysis and the AIF Unit

No, the map has not been subjected to forensic analysis. On advice i was told they would not be able to subject it to sufficient accuracy to delineate 1945....or a later year, if that was the reason for your question. It was only that they could give a broad brush span of some fifty years or so, which would be meaningless.

Don Angwin had it covered in that clear sticky stuff also...

The Map original resides in a bank, I only have a copy.

The writing is slightly purplish in colour indicating Indelible Pencil... the kind of pencil your Mother smacked you for if you licked it due to the Lead content. Indelible pencil was widely used in the 40's... I can remember it well. People licked the point to make a darker script. Something happened to your tongue as a result, I believe.

Their unit was the 11th Battalion AIF, "D" Company. I have been to the AWM twice and I have had a professional search also. No more then we have now.

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