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I suspect the only solution that will satisfy all the players will be a fence on the 'outside' of the peri-track. As a historic site and one that should be both used, and available for public viewing a heritage lottery grant should pay for it.
I agree with you POBJOY, the fence should be on the outside of the peri track. The public could then see the peri track in it's entirety, and imagine how it was used.

As we know, WWII airfield runways were connected by taxiways called a perimeter track (peri-track), of a standard width of 50 feet (15 m). However, certain stations that were designated to be fighter bases sometimes had a narrower perimeter track, such as RAF Coltishall, whose peri-tracks measured 40 feet (12 m) across. Perimeter track gradients could not exceed 1 in 40 in any direction, and no building could be placed closer than 150 feet (46 m)from the edge of the track.

The peri track at Kenley is an important piece of history and should not be carved up to keep the minority NIMBYS quiet! Put the fence on the outside JM, keep the whole of the peri track safe for airfield movements, and have the local tax payers contribute towards a walking/running/dog walking track on the outside, if they want it that badly!

....and whilst you are reading this get the fence built quickly so that the Air Cadets can enjoy that which was taken away from them 4 years ago!
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