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Originally Posted by chevvron View Post
At Halton one year, we had a Scout Camp on the airfield. It was apparent nobody had bothered to brief the scouts on use of the airfield because all day long on saturday (they had arrived friday pm) we were sending a landrover out to intercept motrobikes being ridden across the airfield and over the cables; once again they had no concept of the damage a steel cable can do.

Ha ha, Slight thread drift Chevron but that reminds me of when our UAS went on summer camp to St Athan and nobody briefed us about using the airfield at night..

After a few beers at the dispersal building, we initially took the direct route, corner to corner, rather than walk all the way round the peri track, to get back to the mess.

This worked splendidly until one of our number came in, visibly shaken, saying "I've just walked across the airfield and met a huge horrible police dog. And it had a policeman attached to it!"
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