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Fencing at Kenley

Kenley is already limited in size and any fencing should be more of a frangible statement of no go area's rather than a stock proof construction. This famous survivor of 100 years of RAF service deserves some special consideration so it remains 'in use' for Cadet flying.
Whilst still in use it has 'life' and what more fitting place to enthuse Cadets; it having served our country so well in two major conflicts.
I feel a watershed has arrived that should 'protect' its place for future generations of both young aviators and the 'walkers' that both can respect its place in our history.
If the City of London play it correctly it will only enhance the location for the future, as an unique time warp of modern history at a time when the whole of our country was in real peril. It was a typical 'British' solution to an immediate need, and was born into conflict despite it being a Surrey common.
Its main test came in 1940 and it played its part in keeping this country free at a time when all seemed lost. The Luftwaffe failed to kill it off in Aug 1940 so I dammed sure we will not let current 'crats' try it again. The 'fretwork fighters' kept an aviation presence for decades lets hope the 'Vikings' rise again to carry on the fight.

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