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Originally Posted by Ambnapz View Post
Hi folks,

I've been lucky (and a bit surprised) to have passed 0 & 1 and now looking at booking my assessment day. I'd applied on a bit of a whim not really knowing what it was all about but the more I look it's seeming very exciting. I just am anxious over a few points I'm hoping someone may be able to help with:

I have a young family and am hoping to have another baby in the next few years, if this was to happen mid training has anyone seen allowances made for this?

We are in the south west, with brs and ext being my nearest airports. Is there much job opportunities here or am I likely to always commute?

The study training period, is this distance based or at a centre and if so where?

Anyone doing this with a young family? If so any advice welcome.

Thanks a lot!

congrats for passing stage 0,1 . I intend to apply for stage 0 could you give some tips on how to prepare for the stage 0 and 1. Any suggestions is much appreciated please.
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