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BizJet FO

Living in UK crewing 2 aircraft based outside UK (type rating for this and all previous aircraft paid by employer)

65k basic + DIS + LOL + up to 5% pension match + private medical (with small extra fee to include my kids) + healthy per diem system ... (based purely on claim with no receipts so unscrupulous could - if so inclined - use this an an extra income source as max average 'claim' is 85 per day which is paid free of tax)

Generous internal freelance rate when flying other company aircraft of 750 per day (I've had 7-8 days of this in the last tax year - although have been offered more I was busy with family etc - I send this all direct to my pension)

Takehome artificially low at 3031 as I have substantial salary sacrifice arrangements so 1558 per month going to pension (including employer contribution)

All expenses paid (except travel to/from the UK office) including nice taxi to/from UK airports before positioning, staying in Marriott / Hilton or better (airline and hotel points coming out of my ears so holidays are CHEAP!!)

Typically on standby for 3/4 of the month and actually away from home for around 10-14 days on average (usually only 2-3 days at a time)

Fly 200-250 hours a year around Europe and Asia with a nice bunch of guys and girls on well maintained & commercially operated aircraft with a very nice bunch of passengers.

Pretty happy with the above as I have a pretty good quality of life while saving for the future and get to spend loads of time with my young family in the UK.
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