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Originally Posted by Tracker400 View Post
Ahh ok awesome. Nervous yet? I have to admit the preparation could be going better. I have been busy with work so havenít dedicated as much time as I could be. My plan is just to familiarise myself with the booklet they provided for stage 2 and make sure Iím happy I can answer your standard interview questions comfortably. Not sure thereís much else we can do really.
How did you get on mate?
Unfortunately I wasnt successful. Quite disappointing they dont tell you which area, although my gut says the first 30 minutes of the interview as the questions were definitely not what I was expecting or what I have experienced before.

Just wondering if anybody here has any ideas of anywhere else you can apply to within the Industry. I am very set on going into the aviation industry, even if it means paying for training (however ideally this would be like NATS and free). Does anybody know of any other possible locations/job titles where I should apply, or know any courses that are likely to boost my chances of progressing in the future in this field?
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