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my friend the salary hasn't been updated since 2009, and with the devaluation of the dinar you are loosing roughly 1000 euros per month (it was devaluated in November 2017)!!!
be careful of the school allowances as they only give you approx 5500 euros per year for up to 2 children meaning 2800 euros per kid per would need triple than that in order to put your kids into a western school!!! beware!!!! the Roster is absolute HELL!!!! 6 days in a row with ground time in the a/c every other day more than 5 hrs!! BEWARE!! accommodation allowance is NOT enough unless you are going with no family!!! beware!!! thy offer 700 BHD and you will need 200-300 more which is 700-900 euros more per monthnfor a descent 2 bedroom will only fly to India and Pakistan and Africa...maybe once a month to europe as you are an expat!! the little more money you would make working there is simply not worth the effort.....
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