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A different spin on the topic of safety as regulated by CASA.
It has now become normal for Engineering managament to have zero aircraft maintenance experience or knowledge. This is approved by CASA. Once these non aviation people are approved to hold a responsible position they also then self regulate.
From my First hand knowledge decades of safety learnt from experience/mistakes/knowledge have all been thrown out the window with these people. For example they will have a satisfactory knowledge of EDTO as taught in a 2 hour course, and as can be read on paper in the MOE, yet will still try to find ways to spin the wording to ask an engineer to get an aircraft in the air when they don’t have a lifetime of aircraft experience to stop them walking into schoolboy errors due to ignorance, and the fact that holding a masters in aviation management means they choose to ignore hundreds of years of experience from people under them.
A big part of maintaining an EDTO approval is the maintenance section yet CASA project their audits in advance and it is now the norm for The same management to present a company pre audit checklist to be carried out within the facility prior to each advertised CASA audit to ensure a pass.

I guess what I am trying to say is EDTO is mainly about maintaining the aircraft to those standards, followed by the correct operation of the machine in the air.

A bigger concern should be that these aircraft are flown by the pilots, carrying unwitting passengers, with these types of unqualified people in charge and approved to be such by CASA. The equivalent would be having a chief pilot with not a single flying hour under their belt.

It is all good whilst people with experience can stand up and say no to these under qualified management. In 20 years with the millennial thought processes firmly in place there will be very few people in the industry with traditional safety first training still in the industry. Perhaps a spike in the graph will show up.
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