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Originally Posted by bringbackthe80s View Post
Unbelievable, what a category we are. Itíd be nice to see how much youíll love being a second officer after decades as a captain if you need to change jobs.
Twenty years, four companies, so I think I am allowed to have an opinion. I have both bypassed others to upgrade in companies without seniority, and most recently I upgraded in company with seniority. I think seniority is more fair to most. Yes, itís rough to start over at the bottom after being made captain followed by being made redundant (twice). Starting In my current company I was more experienced than half the captains I flew with. I still think this beats being an fo and not upgrading but DECs coming in above you. There will be times/places where DECs are appropriate, when the fos are not yet qualified, the growth is fast, but for an established company with regular retiring/hiring there should be no DECs.
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