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As for the guys who love tearing shreds into CTC cadets
It's not particularly those from CTC that I would criticise, it is all of those who think that a big wad of money and several months at a flying school is a 'short circuit' into a big shiny jet job. It appears very much in this case that CTC has done their job and that is to spit the cadet out at the end of the course with a licence. From there on it is the big wide world that you have to deal with and it's no good trying to hang onto CTC's coat tails. CTC can say that they'll try to get you a job, but the real person who gets you a job is you. And don't aim too high. You would learn a huge amount more that would be of immense value for your future career if your first job was on a piston twin. Not 'glamorous', but if it is 'glamour' that you're after then spend a bit more time being 'glamorous' in the dole queue. Become a flying instructor. Do something to show that you really have an interest in flying. With a brand-new licence you are still very much in the learning stages of your career and those 'un-glamorous' jobs will teach you a huge amount. Stop saying that you've been 'shafted', get out there and take charge yourself. And aim sensibly, or else enjoy that dole queue. Anyone who slags off turbo-prop pilots is not a real pilot and doesn't deserve to be treated as such (just for clarification, I am not a turbo-prop pilot!). I did once know one turbo-prop airline that wouldn't recruit newly qualified cadets as they couldn't cope with the actual work. Makes me wonder if I actually want to fly as pax in an airline that is employing over-opinionated cadets!
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