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Has a single airline called for expansion at Gatwick rather than Heathrow?

It's funny watching so many selective stats being thrown around, it's just like my day job... Stats will advise and model possible outcomes, the forecasts will most likely be wildly out, mystic meg types of what something will like like in 5 years often are. It's a government's job to decide and lead, and fight the battle in the courts as required, some hope with May alas. The stats purporting to show LGW having a better ROI than LHR work if you don't want to expand LHR and inflate every cost you can while minimising the risks at LGW.
So yes, what airline wants LGW over LHR? Any?
If we had a 50% larger LGW tomorrow with a whole new runway, exactly who would be queuing to use it that wasn't already there today?

For the record I would have no issue with a new runway at both, so not anti LGW per se.
Is the concept of the taxpayer paying for new road and rail infrastructure so the taxpayer can get a flight on time so alien?
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