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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips View Post
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There is, however, just one small problem with this heartfelt plea which you seem to have overlooked......airline staff are remunerated......the homeless aren't.
Airline staff pay the taxes that would be required to make such a daft 'policy' work. The homeless don't. A 'double whammy' then: you pay the taxes that are needed to run a policy that takes your home away. But, hey! You will then be homeless and entitled to 'help' from The Great Chairman. And around and around we go ...*

It all looks like that little whirlpool that you see as everything goes down the plug-hole, as always with anything financial when Labour get their greedy mitts on it!

* By the way, KnC, an ellipsis is three dots. No need for 'dot diarrhoea'!
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