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There is a lot of detail missing from the statement, in fact it says enough to get a headline and that's about it, but it begs the question "yes, but then what?" You are a housing association, you have a house that is currently empty. The Labour party take it over, do they pay you for it?

If Yes then the housing association is now minus one house, with less rent money coming in to pay for the associations bills for the rest of the tenants (not to mention if that keeps going these housing associations are going to have no stock...)

If not then you have a homeless person with no income living in your asset. Even if the Labour party pay the rent, how are the neighbours going to feel about suddenly about it? Without casting negative waves on the character of homeless people, but are they going to be up to the task of maintaining the house? Will the Labour party give them furniture, white goods, linens etc?

I think it's a headline grab with no substance behind it designed to appeal to the voter who wants to think the benevolent chairman is going to make it all better, or if it has substance it will be kept quiet until it's too late....
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