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Labour's 8,000 "New" homes

Mr Corbyn promised today to "immediately" provide 8,000 new homes to end the "disgusting" scandal of homelessness. While I'm with him 100% on the awfulness of homelessness, it turns out that these homes are in fact to be "taken over" from housing associations "as they become available". So not really very immediate. Nor are they new homes, just existing ones being taken into state ownership. Their present tenants will have to find somewhere else to live. Other than that, though, nice one, Jeremy.

Also, anyone facing a job transfer or base move had better look closely at what he's said on empty homes. He has pledged to work with councils to "take over" (sounds suspiciously like "confiscate") empty homes. While an opt-out for serving military was mentioned, nothing for airline staff and such moves are only too common in this industry.
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