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Come on Dave, easyJet forced BA out of market after market at LGW. Look at what % of their LGW operation used to be flown by BA. The concept that EZY are in some way afraid to compete with the “mighty” IAG doesn’t ring true. easyJet are quite frankly just as good on shorthaul p2p as anything IAG offer IMHO.
If EZY get into LHR and margins on BA short haul are hit, with IAG now in a monpoly on LHR-DUB/MAD they’re back to their old habits of gouging on price. It’s like the 1970s closed shop all over again in some markets. A decent EZY offering would make major inroads IMHO.
He also mentioned the somewhat thorny issue of the 12bn (min figure) or 18bn (max figure) for the work involved and who who pays.
Surely he meant a million billion kajillion. At some point, people actually make stats up to make whatever point they’re after. I see it every day at work.....Take in a worst case and conflate in other BAU maintenance costs then reduce the time period, then after a dramatic sigh, point and shreik “Look how terrible, it must never be allowed to happen.” Much like never building on greenbelt to keep asset inflation going.

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