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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel View Post
Labours aspirant Chancellor, John McDonnell, told a meeting at Davos that Venezuela's problems stem from them not being Socialist enough.

Lenin tried Socialism and it didn't work.
Mao tried Socialism and it didn't work.
Pol Pot tried Socialism and it didn't work.
Castro tried Socialism and it didn't work.
The East Germans tried Socialism and it didn't work.
Venezuela is now proving, in front of our eyes, that Socialism doesn't work.

What also didn't work was killing tens of millions of your people to try to make it work.

Here we have McDonnell, the man who thirty years ago was sacked from the GLC by Ken Livingstone of all people, for financial incompetence, telling us that he can make Socialism work.

That around 40% of voters believe this shows a severe problem with the UK's mental health.
A prerequisite for Labour's desired Trot socialist workers' paradise is indeed that the workers not be free to leave, otherwise they'll leave (although killing them by the tens of millions to stop them leaving sounds a bit inefficient to me, not least because it means you've no longer got the workers after you've killed them).

Which means stopping outgoing freedom of movement. Which the Tories are handing to them on a plate.

Anyone know why the Tories are so keen to take this country on the first step down the road to becoming a Trot socialist workers' paradise? - I certainly can't make sense of it.
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