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sitigeltfel: Thanks for your answer. Ms Dent-Coad really is a silly bugger for that outburst.
However, she did refer to "things going backwards under the Tories". And, of course many would be quick to point out that the PCC for London is, effectively, Sadiq Khan who is of the Labour Party.
However, I thought to myself "well, London is one city/County area, what about others in my part of the world?"
So, I thought I would check them out and here's a sample of statistics around the South East:
Homicide increased by 13.5%
Possession of weapons increased by 27.2%
Sexual Offences increased 25.5%
All the 5 PCC areas that make up the South East are Conservative controlled. So, she may have had a point.
However, I have to say one has to wonder where she got these numbers from. The ONS data sets do not break down Possession of weapons by weapon so it is difficult to see where this knife crime figure comes from.
The number of homicides in the Met Police area includes victims of terrorism so may be slightly inflated.
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