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Originally Posted by pax britanica View Post
Should charities return money from such events ?

To me-being a cynical they are only doing it out of political correctness and a fear of a tabloid headline. There is no moral reason to give the money back-it was charity event people paid huge amounts to attend a probably modest dinner -the girls weren't strippers (is that a word one can use today) and they certainly should not have been subject to unwarranted physical attention but have their been any complaints to the police (ever been to an old bill charity event !!!!!) Has anyone been arrested, was the money proceeds of crime, .
More to the point, can they legally return money.

The Trustees of the Charity have a legal duty to demonstrate that refusing money is in the commercial interests of the charity - if they already have the money then they have to demonstrate to the Charity Commission that making such payments would be in the interests of the charity. In this particular case who would they return the money to as the Presidents club no longer exists and that is before you get into any taxation issues. If they try to return the money to individuals they may well refuse because it could affect their tax liability..

Far better just to take the money and treat some sick kids..
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