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Originally Posted by TURIN View Post
Spot on, apart from the last line.

A short test for all the dinasoars on here that think this sort of behaviour is ok, If you have a daughter and she was put in that room, to be subjected to such behaviour, would you be happy about it?
Pure hysteria and hand-wringing. A bit sinister, like the thought police, or the Handmaid's Tale - telling us all how to think. This kind of virtue-signalling has brought many many men into court on false charges - read the news.

Any underage daughter of mine would be kept well away from such an event and line of work.

Any 'of-age' daughter of mine is a sentient adult and free to chose her own way in life. I am sure that with the right through-life training, she would take one look at the:

1. Hostess uniform and underwear requirements,
2. The large bundle of cash on offer for 'hosting',
3. The location, clientele and atmosphere,
4. Non-disclosure agreement (bit of a giveaway TBH!!!)

and refuse said cash with the words "No thanks, I am not a prostitute or a snowflake!. Any other women here with the right to work can crack on."
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