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Originally Posted by RatherBeFlying View Post
A cursory reading of the reports is that one group of ladies took offense while the other group looked at it as opportunity

The recruiters screwed up big time
And that, in a nutshell, sums up the problem. Mrs EM in her youth worked as a Saturday girl in a frozen food shop where the manager was in the habit of touching up the young female employees. She recalls it with a degree of humour and thinks that it just went with the territory. Other young women were quite clearly horrified and offended by such shenanigans.

I think given the circumstances it really should be expected that men should not grope young women unless the gropee displays some kind of invitation for that to happen. Of course we then come up against the problem of the woman in a position subservience to a man who thinks that her acceptance of such behaviour is part of the deal. That really is unacceptable.
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