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They also aren't really concerned about aviation diplomas. Almost every school now gives out diplomas
Having gone through perhaps 400-450 resumes across my desk, I would recommend listing all of your qualifications regardless of degrees or diplomas.

If I've got two identical candidates except for one having a diploma, it will influence my decision. If you worked at Maccas and made it to manager I'll also want to know about it. I might need someone to run my office whilst I'm on holidays and if the other almost identical resume on my desk doesn't have it.... well....

Of those 400-450 resumes, I have never not flicked through all of the pages. You might have listed that you volunteered at a gliding club that my best mates Dad flies at... bingo, there's a potentially good reference for you.

As they say, it's not what you know, it's who you know. I'll always take someone that gets a good wrap from someone that I trust versus the unknown.
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