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I sent an email to mcginleyaviation asking about the scheme, giving some brief background of myself, why I want it etc. That was months ago. When all hope was lost they came back to me asking to send in all sort of paperwork. Then silence again for weeks. Then a phone interview, then assessment just like already mentioned here, that part is exactly the same.

Then I got sent a contract, but because I was doing two other assessments beforehand I got an offer from other airline and I took it.

I wouldn't like to release sensitive details about the contract as I'm not sure if I can be held liable, the contract does specify it is confidential. Pay wise it is the roughly the same as mentioned on ppjn for McGinley contracts except there's no 30 euro per SBH, its less after release of the safety pilot but after line check it is what's stated on PPJN for McGinley all the way to the top - it's exactly the same

as for the general feeling of the contract - like I said, for Ryanair I think it's the step in the right direction and it gives people a chance. If you're not comfortable with the financial penalties that might result form you quitting early - don't take it.. or.. remember, it is LTD after all.. as in Limited Liability.. Announce your company bankrupt and there's sticks all they can do, it is the company that will owe them money, not the individual

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