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Originally Posted by Fredh182 View Post
Hello all!

Just found out about this thread! I am taking my Stage 3 next week and would be great if somebody could give me some tips or what to expect.
I have seen somebody earlier on posted a step-by-step of their day in Stage 2, but havent seen one for Stage 3, which would really help me!
One key question I have is regarding the document they give you to revise over in Stage 2, they ask you to do so again - Which part of the day would this be used for? Is there another multiple choice type questionnaire about it? Id rather practise for interview questions as thats my weak link, but would like to know if anybody can confirm it is important to thoroughly revise back through that document?
Originally Posted by Tracker400

Hey Fred congratulations on getting to Stage. When next week do you have it? Iíll be there on the 29th for mine too. Have you had any luck answering your questions as I too would like to know if I need to thoroughly revise the document.
A few people have had questions regarding the booklet for stage 2 and stage 3.

My advice is that you need to make sure you're decently familiar with it for both. The multiple choice paper at stage 2 is mainly there to weed out anyone who has put no effort into preparing for the day. If you have a good grasp of the concepts and could muddle your way roughly through the figures you will be fine.

For stage 3 there is no specific written test on the booklet but familiarity with it will really help during the interview. Once you've learnt it for stage 2 just make sure you're revisiting it periodically until your stage 3 to ensure you haven't forgotten big chunks.

Hope that helps
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