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Originally Posted by msbbarratt View Post
It's not going to be especially better than the old 777; 10 across is still going to be a fairly miserable experience. Somehow I can't see them being as enthusiastic, especially if they're already propping up A380. And if they're buying A380s that aren't immediately needed, will they still buy all of those 150 777x in the first place?
You do realise the A380 can be configured 11-across, despite the current operators choosing 10?

Remember, EK was one of the first to put 10 on the triple, and with the way the world economy is going, the age of decadence for the average man is over. The future will be high yield from as many economy/premium economy pax crammed into your ship as possible. If I had to bet on a future for the A380 I would say itís best sales will lie in the Chinese markets where no one will complain about 11-across and 650 seats on a four hour flight from Urumqi to Beijing, along with the slot constrained EUR-US transatlantic routes which it already serves perfectly well.
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