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Hypothetical Now What's Going to Happen?

It will be interesting to see where it all goes from here. Emirates will have (already has) an enormous fleet of very large aircraft that remains a hit with passengers.

If the world economy does bounce back in a decent way (and there's good signs that that's beginning to happen), Emirates will have all the capacity with a superior offering that's just right to tempt the freshly flush traveler. Slum it on a 10-across 777? No thanks. Squeeze into a 9-across 787? Take a hike. Cost/passenger/mile economics can go take a bit of a back seat.

Ok, that's all hypothetical of course, but there may be some airlines out there doing a few what-if calculations. Quite a few may have been expecting the A380 to go away and cease to be of concern in their future business planning. That's now not happen any time soon. So they may have to do some recalculations as to how long they can compete against Emirates (and whoever else operates them). If they can't, especially if the world economy does take off, then they might have to bight the bullet and get in on the game too. Also, what happens in 10 years time if they do do an A380neo and there is a booming aviation industry?

It'll be interesting to see!
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