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Originally Posted by Twist & Shout View Post
My life is about getting home from work alive so I can enjoy life.
I feel I’m a little lucky to be alive after flying EC225s and being particularly close to one of the MRGBs that later failed killing all on board.

Further, as SASless and others have pointed out: EC have incorrectly twice told us the MRGB won’t fail and kill all on board.

That, and they way they have handled the second fatal incident, causes me to hold that organization in disdain. This is obviously reflected in my attitude and posts.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
Third time lucky?
Well, destiny will catch you, where ever you are....

With Helicopters, normaly the Crew will kill you...

Looking through the accidentreports you will find, that about 90 % of the accidents are Human failures.....

Airbus has done quite a lot to prevent further incidents/accidents involving gearboxes. Which is a pain in the a.., cause I have to fiddel with the gearbox mag plug on a daily basis, even without any warning and on a different helicoptertype, just because of the similaritys of the gearboxdesigns....

It is good to prevent risks, but you also need work/live and take risks, which you can think you can handle.

The 225 has flown for years over years without major problems and I would rather get a lift in an 225 before getting in any Robinson helicopter....
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