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411A without wishing to place any racial connotation to this thread you should realise that PPRuNe, being a UK originated site which welcomes global participation to further its popularity, does, as far as I'm concerned, tend to expect good manners perhaps unique to that of the country of its origin. Principally, remarks such as the late Captain "stuffed it up" may be what's on everyone's mind to a certain extent, but this is a comment which the majority would not be willing to put in to print simply out of respect for the deceased.

From some of your previous postings you seem to have a lot of constructive comment to contribute & long may it continue, but perhaps you should consider expressing your views in a more sensitive manner.

PS this is a polite hint & not intended to provoke argument to the extent this thread runs away in to petty squabble.

Pterodactyl -I see your point upon further reading of the accident report, Vmca can't have been a factor if neither engine was developing power BEFORE the turn -back;I stand corrected.

Bally Heck - regarding the DAFS 404, I am led to believe the reason they failed to climb away was that they were heavy on fuel but more importantly forgot to retract the first stage of flap, often used for low speed low level observation. Having flown the 404 in a similar role we were always taught to observe in a clean config weighted by that accident. Anyone that's in the know do correct me if I'm wrong regarding that particular incident.

Personally I see no fault with run-ups "on the move", so long as the full engine checks were performed on the first flight of the day. I don't know if this aircraft had flown previous to that of the accident flight on the same day, but if I was carrying passengers I would be inclined to abbreviate the run ups to a simple mag check and quick feather excercising at the holding point without undue "revving". This is commonplace in the charter environment and not inherently an unsafe corner-cutting measure.

I fly a Performance A category aircraft at the moment but have much experience in that of C. Some remarks, although justified, point toward Perf C machines being unsafe for passenger carrying but I'm not sure I'd want to agree thus far.

Interesting thread.......keep it going; this is beneficial to all of us.

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