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Originally Posted by Andrias View Post

Are you referring to cadetships by Air New Zealand or are you referring to cadetships within Australian and New Zealand?

If it is the former, Air New Zealand does not run cadetships. Rather they have preferred training partnerships, amongst them are:

1. Nelson Aviation College
2. Southern Wings (Invercargill)
3. Massey University
4. International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (Christchurch)

I believe there is one more located on the North Island but I can't recall which one it is. I think it is the Flight Training Organisation in Hawke's Bay

CTC also have an FTO based in Hamilton but they are not training specifically for Air New Zealand.

If it is the latter, I've covered New Zealand above but for Australia - Regional Express run a cadetship with 3 intakes per year.

Qantas don't have cadetships per se but they have preferred training partnerships (similar to Air New Zealand), these are

1. University of New South Wales
2. Griffith University

I believe there is also one more to be included in the list above (my brain's thinking RMIT) but I'm not 100% sure.

Furthermore, Qantas have level 1 and level 2 First Officer intakes but these are preferably for students who have completed their flight training (or are progressing towards the end of their training).

Virgin Australia recently opened (and closed again) their cadetship which was run by Flight Training Adelaide at Parafield. Whether they'll re-open this one, I'm unsure.

CTC and CAE both have FTOs in Australia as well. I believe they are based in Melbourne. Again, they don't train for our Mainline or Air New Zealand specifically.


I see I see, so getting a cadetship is extremely difficult. What do they look for in your application?
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