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Originally Posted by bnt View Post
* it's not always men - women qualify too. Such as the woman who was run over by her own car while trying to escape from an angry cat ...
Some friends of mine moved house from Cornwall to Mid-Wales a few years ago. Their cat hated going in a car, so they went to the vet and obtained a sedative, and with the aid of this they managed to get the cat into it's travelling basket and into his car (his wife was driving their other car, so he was on his own with the cat). Just before he got to the Bristol junction on the M5 North, the cat came around. It managed to release the catch on the basket and leapt at the back of my friend's head, spitting with fury, or fright.

Imagine the scene, he's trying to drive up the motorway, with a mad cat attacking his head and clawing at his face from behind. Eventually he managed to get on to the hard shoulder and stop the car, got the cat off his head, but couldn't get it back in the basket. He did manage to get out of the car, leaving the cat inside, and walked to the nearest emergency phone.

I gather the request for a vet to sedate a mad cat that was running rampant inside his car was not easy to explain to the emergency operator.............
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