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Just done the assessment. Nothing new to report, Sim and tech interview as described many times before.

HR interview felt a little different... No questions about why Ryanair, why they should employ you etc. Just questions about previous work, flight training, can you pay for type rating. Basically the kind of chat you’d have with a friend down at the local pub.

I’m guessing they’re desperate to get people onto TR courses because as of this week they are interviewing 12 people a day instead of the usual 8. I presume they’re assessing more people to get a higher number of assessment passes rather than lowering their standards to get more people through.

I got the impression that the sim is a big part of the assessment because it seemed there was little emphasis on the interview side of things...
If you ask me the tech interview is pointless because if they really wanted it to mean something they would at least spice up the tech questions rather than use the same basic ones listed over and over on this thread, winglets, seats on 737 etc.

In a nutshell I think they’re desperate to hire pilots but don’t assume this means they’re going to reduce the quality of the candidates they put through TR’s.

My sims partners friend was assessed recently only 11 months after failing their first FR assessment.

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