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First class flights

Looking for some advice/recommendations regarding first class flights...

Whilst I can still afford it and before I become too old to enjoy/appreciate it I would like to fly first class long-haul on one of the current (modern) types such as A380, B777, B787 and possibly the 747-8 (although there are not many operators of these).

The destination is not that important but I have in mind to go somewhere congenial so I'm thinking along the line of Thai to BKK, SQ to SIN, CX to HKG, Qantas to somewhere ex-London (but not all the way to Oz). I suppose I would consider the ME-based airlines (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar) but this would involve getting off one aeroplane and getting on another, possibly in the middle of the night, which rather defeats the object of having a full night's sleep in one's jim-jams in a full lie-flat bed. I wouldn't go on BA as a matter of principle.

Can the collective offer any suggestions or make comments as to the merits or otherwise of the various first class services on offer from the point of view of comfort, space and service provided?

There are lots of videos on You Tube purporting to show the first class service on various operators but they are often confusing and conflicting in the opinions given so any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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