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Brisbane approaches from the north

Hi all,

Could anyone tell me what STAR (if any?) these guys are using? The first one is a little different from what I usually see.

And then the one that's more common is this one:

Are either of these SMOKA5A? None of them seem to pass over Dayboro, and there's a waypoint called DAYBO. So does that rule SMOKA5A out?


I live close to Carseldine (North of Brisbane), and see loads of aircraft going down south past where I live (Kind of matching the first image), and then do a left turn close to the river (Not matching the first image now) for RW01. That seems to be more aligned with the SMOKA5A, but ... is that maybe not common, as these guys both seem to be doing something different.

Edit: Actually, the 2nd image does show them coming past where I see them from. I look west from where I am, and they're descending in what I thought was a southerly path, but I guess it's SE.

So, sorry, babbling... but what approaches are these guys using, and is the SMOKA5A the most common from the north (as I see loads coming down past where I live in a line from Rocky, etc)

And bonus question - do the international flights get routed differently, because now that I think of it, I've never seen anything bust domestic come past us.
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