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Thanks for the links to Johnny Johnson's Hard Talk "interrogation" by the Beeb, EV. I assume from its title that the point of the programme is putting interviewees under tough questioning, but whether that is the case or not the agenda was all so predictable from Aunty. Did you think of the women and children that you killed? Did you ever have a moment of regret or remorse in doing what you were doing?

What the hell do these Hampstead Thinkers know about war, or Totale Krieg as Josef was want to call it? You fight to win with everything available to you, and to do so as quickly as possible, lest the enemy beats you to it. If the Beeb is opposed to war (unlike we mercenaries who obviously relish it) then I suggest it uses every means at its disposal to call for a greatly increased defence budget, so that we may have a big stick that would enable it to speak softly to the world. Otherwise we may expect history to repeat itself. It usually does, sooner or later.

I thought that Johnson gave a good account of himself, of his generation, of Bomber Command, and of his beloved squadron. He was polite and calm throughout the ordeal, which is more than I can claim.
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