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Originally Posted by Charley View Post
Broadly agree with the mathematics and with G-CPTN's verification.

The season ticket is 10,567 per annum.

Track miles (rail version thereof) from Birmingham New Street to London Euston is 112 miles (source). The maximum number of working days* per year is 232 (source).

The total miles travelled per year thus 51,968. (232 x (112 x 2)).

Thus cost per year 20.33p/mile assuming all days worked and season ticket not used for any other purpose.

Now that one person has made the claim and two people have verified it, care to answer the question as to why you were so skeptical about the figures in the first place?
It's the way the OP was written that caused the problem. Had Siti simply put 22p per mile then I don't think this would have arisen. I must admit to doing a double take when I read it as 0.22p per mile. Now that would have been a bargain. I would query the statement about the cost compared to travelling by car. My Mercedes C220 has average 60.5 mpg over the last 11,000 miles. Fuel cost at current 117p a litre works out at 8.6p per mile. That leaves 13.4p for all other costs. Assuming that you have a car already then tax and insurance costs can be discounted, so that leaves around 6500 for wear and tear and extra servicing costs. It's do- able.
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