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Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
I have not been trained to do a power off 70 degree turn at 400'. No one has demonstrated one to me and I certainly ain't going to try it without serious testing.
i strongly recommend you get some training in this, or complete an advanced Aircraft control course.

i know for a fact, that i can turn my aircraft, 180 deg, at 70 deg AOB, and return to the field from an EFATO from 600 ft. i have been taught with an aerobatic instructor, and practiced the manoeuvre many time at altitude to test this exact limit.

so, now as part of my take of brief, which is altered to reflect the airfield im flying from and known terrain ahead, when passing 600 ft, the turnback now becomes an option.

As for the tragedy on New Years eve, it appears the stall spin scenario is a leading contender

faceblah blah channel ten news ATSB video . /tennews/videos/1771343589602607/
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